EDM Force/Time Profile

Welcome to Encapsulated Propulsion!  This site is intended to provide a focus for information on the development and applications of the Encapsulated Displacement Motor (EDM). We hope this site will be of interest to engineering enthusiasts, hobbyists and internet of things experimenters.

An Encapsulated Displacement Motor (EDM) is basically a transmission mechanism which, when coupled to a standard rotary motor, can cause the uniform linear motion of an object which is restricted by a static friction. Uniquely, the EDM can be fully embedded within the object it is moving – providing a simple method for the rapid development of novel engineering concept systems as well as a means of vastly simplifying mechanical designs.

Here you will find a number of blogs (see “Categories” opposite) relating to developments in the overall EDM project, motor development and applications.

To start however, please spare a few minutes to watch our simple YouTube videos of Demonstrator EDMs in action – this will be the best way to discover what an EDM actually is and the simplicity and versatility of its use.
EDM-D3 Design
On the “EDM Demonstrator Designs” page you will find a number of simple Encapsulated Displacement Motor designs which demonstrate the basic priciples of encapsulated displacement. While intended as educational demonstrator devices, emphasis has been placed on providing safe, affordable and simple “rough and ready” engineering designs which engineering enthusiasts and hobbyists can be apply to simple low power projects and experiments.
Multi-Directional EDM Unit
On the “Robotics and Control” page we shall discuss the more technical issues of directional, programed and remote control of EDM designs for more advanced applications, but still keeping an eye on ease of construction and affordable deign for the engineering enthusiast.

For those of a more theoretical bent, the “Technical Page” should provide all that you need to know in order understand EDM theory and its applications.

We have also started a page on The Internet of Things where (eventually) we hope to start discussing applications of EDM technology in this emergent technical area.

It is hoped that the application areas of EDM technology will be accessible to artists, designers, hobbyists, rapid prototype developers, technologists and scientists alike, irrespective of education and engineering knowledge (and if you have already seen the simple videos of EDMs in action you will already know how easy it is to use this technology).